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Lanzarote: Spectacular encounter with mating Angelsharks

Every year thousands of divers come to the Canary Islands to admire all the beauty that the Atlantic ocean has to offer, but also to get acquainted with one of the most popular underwater creatures in this region, the Angelshark.

"Sharks Icecold"

On Monday, January 18, 2021 at 8:15 p.m. Christina Karliczek takes us on an exciting expedition. From the Swedish island worlds along the Norwegian fjords to the Greenland Arctic, the camerawoman accompanies various marine biologists in their work. The report will be broadcast on the first german television. There is not much we know about sharks until today. Above all, the behavior and population sizes, but also the survival strategies of the predators always pose new riddles to us humans.

Synthetic fibers a major source of microplastic pollution in the ocean

From winter sweaters to pairs of socks- every time we wash our clothes, small synthetic fibers come off. This contributes significantly to the pollution of the oceans with microplastics. According to a study by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, 35% of the microplastics in the ocean come from fiber abrasion during textile washing, making it the number one source of microplastics in marine pollution.

Galapagos Islands: SeaLegacy launches new campaign to expand protected areas

With the help of several renowned nature photographers like Shawn Heinrichs, the future of the waters off the Galapagos Islands shall be protected. Colorful underwater photographs will help make people aware of the wonder of nature. The oceans are the source of life and of inestimable importance to mankind. We often forget what a great importance the oceans have on our planet. Without them, we can neither keep global warming at a reasonably constant level, nor satisfy hunger.

Florida: TRUMP 'written' on the skin of a manatee.

Authorities in Florida are searching for an unknown person who carved the surname of the outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump into the skin of a manatee. The person responsible faces a fine of about $50,000, investigator Craig Cavanna said, according to the local newspaper, the Citrus County Chronicle.

Lufthansa: Time of tranquility - time of winter rest

It’s like Groundhog Day… There is no day in the life of a diving tour operator that does not somehow bring some exhausting, annoying, amusing or surprising news. However, what came in a few days ago really takes the biscuit.

A day in Nordhausen at the Sundhäuser lake

Actually it should have been only a quick visit to a good friend, but since she lives right near the famous diving lake near Nordhausen, why not pack the diving equipment in the trunk? It is the end of October and we are on our way from Bavaria to Thuringia to pay a visit to our friend and visit the Sundhäuser lake. For years now, Bea has told us again and again about the attractions in the lake.

Running for the team: a challenge for a perspective

Tourism industry in times of Corona... No holiday flights, no vacations, no hotels - almost every part of the tourism industry has been at a standstill since March. Hopes for easing at the beginning of this year have been dashed. Also in February travel warnings and co. will probably not be lifted.

Waterworld Dive Travel: Travel yes, but a little more eco is needed

Can you travel and protect the environment at the same time? Not so easy, especially when you fly halfway around the world. How can you balance that with your awareness of the environment? Werner Thiele, managing director of the Austrian diving travel company Waterworld-Feel the Elements has thought about this in Corona times and has changed and invested a lot, which we think is good for the travel company.

Egypt: "Safe corridors" to protect against Corona

Egypt wants to attract tourists back to the Red Sea vacation areas by summer at the latest, ideally from April/May, with a special Corona safety concept. "We want to create safe corridors where there is complete security for tourists," said Egyptian Ambassador to Berlin Khaled Galal Abdelhamid. He said the concept will include a whole range of measures from limiting the number of passengers on planes to mandatory tests on entry and exit.