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Vote for the new model from Stefan Wiessmeyer

'Scuba Collection' is being expanded - the choice is yours. Stefan Wiessmeyer's scuba collection now comprises 76 pendant motifs that have been created over the last 30 years. Stefan Wiessmeyer still makes all the jewellery himself by hand.

Obituary Thomas "Thommy" Zurawski

Founder of Nautic Team Gozo dies in accident. Thomas Zurawski (* 1959, † 7 April 2024), the founder of Nautic Team Gozo, tragically died in a motorbike accident near his home town of Xagħra on the island of Gozo on 7 April this year.

Dive with the Napoleon Wrasse

An unforgettable experience in Palau: When it comes to diving adventures that combine breathtaking marine life with top-notch facilities, Palau stands out, especially for those eager to meet the ocean's gentle giants, the Napoleon Wrasse. For the best experience, diving with Palau’s pioneer dive shop, Fish 'n Fins, or aboard the Ocean Hunter liveaboard offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore this pristine underwater world.

DYNAMICNORD – dive & test

Great dive & test event in Hemmoor - 15/16 June 2024: DYNAMICNORD cordially invites you to the great dive & test event in Hemmoor. On the weekend of 15/16 June, the DYNAMICNORD team will be offering great activities at the lake.

Austria largely bans the import and processing of shark products

Sharks are now just as strictly protected in Austria as other species that are particularly threatened with extinction. Not only the import and processing of shark meat, but also the import of shark bites and similar holiday souvenirs is now a punishable offence. Offences against species protection regulations can be punished with fines of up to 40,000 euros and prison sentences of up to two years.

Baby sharks prefer being closer to shore, show scientists

Scientists have shown for the first time that juvenile great white sharks gather in nearshore waters up to 10 meters deep with temperatures between 16 and 22 °C – a very different habitat from that of adults. These preferences may optimize their growth and minimize the risk of predation. These results can inform conservation efforts and help avoid unwanted encounters with swimmers.

Warning: Counterfeit drysuit valves in circulation

The Aqualung Group has announced that counterfeit Apeks valves for drysuits are in circulation. Both inlet and outlet valves are affected. The illustrations shown in the report make it easy to recognize the difference between the original and the counterfeit.

With sharks on a lecture tour

The killer image of the shark? His multimedia shark lectures were cult and are again. Sharkproject founder Gerhard Wegner, one of Germany's most recognised shark experts, is back on the lecture tour. His topic - of course: sharks and the fear of sharks.

Lefeet Scooter - Kickstarter campaign

New scooter model from the well-known manufacturer LEFEET: The LEFEET P1 completely redefines underwater mobility. The modular design increases comfort, simplifies operation and offers greater adaptability for all needs. With the Kickstarter campaign, a renowned manufacturer can now be supported with its new product and, in return, the brand new P1 can be purchased at very attractive special conditions (Kickstarter Special).

Jared Hires dies in an accident

A tragic accident in the depths of the Plura Cave: Jared Hires, the well-known General Manager of Dive Rite, tragically passed away on 3 April 2024 during a cave diving expedition in the Plura Cave in Norway. Hires was 33 years old and was part of an experienced team of nine international divers who were exploring the well-known and relatively difficult cave system when the accident occurred.