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Mission "Stone & Pots": First Ghost Net Salvage in Ireland

Ghost nets kill millions of marine animals every year. The Dutch Ghost Fishing Foundation, together with the Society for the Salvation of Dolphins e. V. (GRD), plans to salvage ghost nets on the west coast of Ireland from September 3 to 6, 2018.

Art under water in the Gulf of Mexico

In late June 2018, a submarine sculpture park was opened in Florida. The new Underwater Museum of Art (UMA) is located in 18 meters depth in the Gulf of Mexico, the entrance is free.

Baltic Sea: 500 meters of ghost net salvaged

Just before off Warnemünde divers on behalf of the WWF on 7 August 2018 salvaged a ghost net, which has continued to “kill” marine life. The salvaged net is almost 500 meters long. Free floating ghost nets are a death-trap not only for fish but also for seabirds, seals and porpoises. In addition, at least one-tenth of the world's plastic garbage in the sea consists of lost fishing gear.

Heser: Dive-P

Thanks to improved dry-suits and optimal thermal protection, dives can be quite long even in cold water. Adequate hydration is standard for us divers anyway - but at some point you can’t ignore natures call anymore ... "Due to design" men are much easier with technical solutions to this problem. It is much more difficult for women; anyone who does not want to wear a diaper has to do a lot of research to find an alternative.

Polar ice could be softer than expected

Ice has similar flow characteristics as a very viscous liquid. The ice sheets of the polar ice therefore flows under its own weight towards the ocean. In order to be able to predict future sea-level fluctuations, especially under changed climatic conditions, it is important to determine the flow velocity of the ice as accurately as possible.

Spearfishing makes fish shy

Fisheries researchers from the Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) and international colleagues have studied the response of fish in the Mediterranean to spearfishing. The fish can accurately tell if divers are wearing a harpoon or not. They adjust their escape behaviour and keep a safe distance outside the range.

Compressor: Bavaria Fun II BC

Compact, robust, durable and versatile. One of the world's best selling compressor series at a fantastic price. Transportable and compact high-pressure compressor system for employment and hobby.

Overfishing: Full steam ahead

As more and more fish stocks worldwide are overfished and exploited, the total catch in global marine fisheries is shrinking. This is evident from the new report of the FAO "The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture".

Shark nets on the beaches of South Africa have been removed

Since July 26, 2018, there are no more shark nets on beaches in South Africa. The reason for this is a strike by employees of the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board (KZNSB) responsible for maintaining and setting up the so-called "beach protection nets against shark attacks."