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Texas: 4000 turtles saved from cold

Turtles are not protected from freezing even by their thick shells. More than 4000 sea turtles have now been rescued from the Gulf of Mexico and taken to a convention center to warm up. Temperatures as low as 25 degrees °F and snowfall have caused massive problems in the southern regions of the US. In Texas, thousands of sea turtles are now in need of human assistance due to these temperatures.


Master Liveaboards has announced a brand-new identity, website and e-commerce platform. This is momentous news for their customers as they now accept live bookings 24/7 - with immediate confirmations. B2B customers can also make bookings and place their selections on option via the company’s Diving Portal.

Arctic Ocean covered by ice shelf and full of fresh water

The history of the Arctic Ocean: Climate historians actually know quite well what the European continent looked like during the Ice Age. In contrast to deposits on land, where erratic boulders, moraines and glacial valleys are the obvious landmarks of glaciers, only few traces of vast ice shelves had been found so far in the Arctic Ocean - and Meltwater leaves no marks.

Halle: Research vessel sets course for ancient burial mound in “Sweet Lake”

New research voyage to the 3500 year old burial mound. The burial mound in the ‘Sweet Lake’ (Süße See) is a sensational find. It provides information about the life of the people in this region. The lake in Saxony Anhalt (Germany) is an important contemporary witness - especially for the settlement of the region.

Invasive species and the problem with American bullfrogs

Invasive (and also introduced) species are animal species that have established themselves with human influence in an area where they were not native before and have built up new populations there. Mostly, these species have arrived in foreign regions with the active help of humans. Sometimes, however, they have also escaped unintentionally from aquariums, terrariums or animal farms.

Negros Island: Everything but ordinary

Visit to Negros Island: Negros Occidental, the north and west of the Philippine island, is home to the country's largest sugar cane plantations, the yield of which produces something very special. In the south of the largest island of the Visayas archipelago you will find a diver's paradise. Both have potential for enjoyment.

Malé, Maldives: Liveaboard vessel "Nautilus One" sinks after fire on board

Nautilus One liveaboard catches fire and sinks. On January 25th, the safari vessel "Nautilus One" caught fire in the Maldives, on its way from Hulhumale to the northern island of H.Dh. Hanimaadhoo and sank. Fortunately, the crew was able to save themselves fully and uninjured on the transit to the north.

Seasam Autonomous: The underwater drone

A drone for underwater activities. Normally, we only know drones from looking up at the sky. In all different sizes and colors, they have become a part of our world in recent years. Whether to take pictures or to search for people or animals, drones are used very versatile today.

Wanderlust, ‘Nitrogen withdrawal’ and finally: Getting out of home?

'NoTradeFair' Special Discount at Nautic Team: Gozo/Malta as a safe destination with its fast accessibility, wonderful weather and of course high hygiene standards and successful testing and vaccination strategy is the ideal vacation destination for all diving enthusiasts.