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Corona: Full face masks to ease respirator overload

The lack of respirators respectively the overload of respirators and the lack of enough protective masks is one of the biggest challenges in the Corona pandemic. Creative solutions are needed now. The idea came from Italy that Covid-19 patients can be artificially ventilated in emergencies using conventional full-face snorkel masks. The masks can thus be connected to conventional (medical) ventilators, which supply compressed air to the masks.

LOCKDOWN on Lanzarote, but with confidence towards the future!

Mr. Harold Rabeling of Euro-Divers Lanzarote sent us a report about the situation in Lanzarote. We do not want to withhold this interesting text from you, so in the following you can read en-detail whats going on in Lanzarote and the thoughts of the dive-center owner Harold Rabeling...

SaferShorelines wants to train speedboat captains and water sports enthusiasts to show possible dangers

Accidents happen in fractions of a second and the outcome often lasts for weeks, months and sometimes for a lifetime. And not only with those directly affected, but also in their environment, such as with friends or family. Accidents are not unusual in water sports. We report about it almost weekly and many are avoidable and often absolutely unnecessary. And the same questions always follow: How is something like this possible, how can you avoid it?

Is it fun? A 40-meter dive in the sewage sludge of a digestion tower

The diving conditions are actually optimal: no current, no dangerous wreckage in the area, pleasant temperatures and a manageable diving area ... manageable ...? Now serious: actually not, because the dive will take place in the digester tower of a sewage treatment plant with "zero" visibility. And we are talking about professional divers, more precisely Gregor Ulrich, who, with his twelve-person diving team from the Vienna Environmental Diving Service, dives (and works) mainly in wastewater treatment plants all over Germany.

Microplastics discovered in new deep sea species

Only five centimetres tall, its home in about 6,500 meters depth in the Pacific Ocean and it still has plastic in its body: Eurythenes plasticus. The newly discovered deep-sea species is a species of amphipod that researchers at Newcastle University have found in the Mariana Trench near the Philippines, near one of the deepest points on earth.

The secret life of the sponges

You might think that deep-sea sponges are about as active as cleaning sponges. But this is not the case: Time-lapse photos show that certain seabed animals that were once considered stationary are actually expanding, contracting, tumbling and rolling over the seabed - only very slowly…

Covid-19: Diving fair EUDI postponed due to Corona virus in Italy

The corona virus is now also spreading in Italy and the consequences are already visible: after the end of the Italian carnival in Venice and the isolation of smaller infection centers in Veneto in northern Italy, the traditional diving fair "Eudishow" is now in the capital in central Italy Bologna of the Emilia Romagna region, canceled and postponed to November this year.

Lanzarote: Angel Shark Project

The Canary Islands are the home of the Angelshark, and if you want to meet this beautiful shark species, you must definitely visit Lanzarote because here encounters with the shark species happen on a regular base. The Dutch owner of Euro-Divers Lanzarote Dennis Rabeling and his instructors /guides know exactly where to be and take you to the best spots to see them, including their own house reef! Unfortunately, the Angelshark is one of the species that is threatened with extinction, but fortunately scuba divers still come across this species of shark in the Canary Islands with great regularity.

Stop Finning – Stop the Trade

SHARKPROJECT and many other NGOs support the demands of the European Citizens' Initiative "Stop Finning – Stop the Trade" to end the shark fin trade in the European Union (EU). The collection of signatures has started on February 1st, 2020 and will last for one year until one million votes have been gathered overall from at least seven EU member states.

boot-2020: Bauer Kompressoren Product News

Here’s some news that Nitrox divers will be delighted to hear.At boot 2020 they can explorea host of new products, including the next-generation PROFI LINE and the cutting-edge B-NITROX Membrane System, at the BAUER KOMPRESSOREN stand at its new location in Hall 12, Stand A68.