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Leichling artist sinks sculptures in lake

A white room with rusty steel tables in the middle. From there the visitor is eyed by bizarre underwater creatures… Is it a crab? Or is there a crab inside a shell? The creatures turn out to be sculptures. While some sculptures reveal their identity, others invite the viewer to reflect. Taucher.Net journalist Sarah Wünsche was on site in a world full of fantasy.

Covid-19 rules: Attention Tourists!

All holidaymakers arriving in Greece by air must register electronically at least 24 hours before their arrival, indicating where they have been before and where they will be staying in Greece. Now, for the first time, passengers on a flight from Germany were penalized for failing to complete the registration.

Why is diving in the Galapagos Islands both special and unique?

The Galapagos Islands have long been known as destination for scientists, biologists, naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts. Charles Darwin referred to the islands as a living laboratory of evolution and over 40% of the species of flora and fauna are endemic or unique to the Archipelago.

Are You Covered? Considerations on Diving Insurance

Are you covered financially if you are injured on a dive trip? We all know and expect that if you get bent, your DAN Europe insurance will pay for your treatment. Right? But what about if you had to spend an extra five days at a hotel and book new flights home as a result of the treatment. Would those be covered too? How about if post-treatment rehabilitation were required? What if the dive was a technical dive? Or a freedive? Are you covered for those? Instead, what if you and a friend decided to test your machismo aquatic and you made a deep air dive to 70 meters (m) and got decompression illness (DCI)? How would your coverage fare?

Covid-19 Update: Sea Bees Thailand

Fortunately Thailand was only slightly affected by COVID 19 and so the restrictions could be eased in the last weeks. Also in Phuket and Khao Lak there has not been any new cases for weeks, but temperature controls and hygiene measures are still being carried out to detect possible new infections immediately.

Calypso Diving Gozo opens the dive center

Finally - Malta International Airport (re)opens its doors again for holidaymakers! From 1 July 2020 Malta Airport will resume flight operations for passengers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many other European countries. The Quality Divers Center Calypso Diving Center will open the same day and the team is looking forward to welcoming guests again soon and making great dives with you on the beautiful island of Gozo!

COVID-19 and Scuba Diving: Guidelines from Divers Alert Network (DAN)

The whole world is going through a period of great uncertainty and the diving industry is no exception. In recent weeks, DAN has received many requests from dive centres and instructors about guidelines to be followed during the re-opening period. The epidemiological and related regulatory situation is subject to constant change. There are no clear answers to many important questions. Since DAN as an organisation works closely with the diving industry and is active in the field of diving safety, the organisation wants to share knowledge and experience with all divers.

It’s The Metabolism, Stupid

The risk of decompression illness (DCI) following a dive has been attributed to the presence and quantity of gas bubbles called “vascular gas emboli” (VGE) circulating in the blood. These are thought to develop from smaller precursor bubbles or “gas micronuclei” which form as a result of gas supersaturation. Recently DCI has also been associated with the presence of blood microparticles and symptoms linked to an inflammatory process. However, to date, there is much we still do not know about the exact mechanisms that give rise to these pathologies.

Diving the Alien Ocean: Game "In Other Waters"

"In Other Waters" is set on an exoplanet completely covered by an ocean. As an artificial intelligence in the pressure suit of a researcher, you explore the flora and fauna of the underwater world and experience exciting stories.

UW-Photo-Contest: DEEP Indonesia 2020

DivePhotoGuide and Wetpixel are proud to announce the winners of the 2020 DEEP Indonesia international underwater photography competition. The competition is part of a unique series of underwater imaging events and has become one of the biggest and most prestigious in the world. Everyone from novice to professionals compete annually in what has become the “Super Bowl” of international underwater imagery events, which combined with the DPG/Wetpixel Masters Underwater Imaging Competition, awarded over $100,000 of world-class prizes.