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Tauchen in Sinai-Süd bis Nabq

Der Süden des Sinai ist geprägt von Sharm El Sheikh, ein ehemaliges kleines Dörfchen welches sich zur Tauch- und Erholungsmetropole gemausert hat. Erwähnenswert hier ist der Nationalpark Ras Mohammed, welcher wunderschöne Tauchgänge ermöglicht. Auch die Wrackfans kommen in der Gegend nicht zu kurz, und ein Abstecher zu den Tiran Inseln gibt auch den erfahrenen Tauchern was sie wollen - tolle Tauchplätze mit dem Blick uns dunkle Blau, wo gerne einmal richtig große Tauchkollegen vorbeiziehen.

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Have visited this magic diving centre 4 times within the last year and must say that there is a significant improvement in the organisation, flexibility and is more transparent than it was before. No introduction dives are available, course is required befor any dive. The check dive at house reef is required before any dive trip. This came from government but working areas now seems to be clearly defined. Diving is better, safer and easier because divers are now actually more experienced. I did my check dive with Yehya. Comprehensive briefing with systematic approach and relaxing dive at the house reef went fantastic. Thereafter short and meaningful debriefing! Thereafter, I did all dives with Ali guide. Very helpful, full of joy, willing to help with a decent confidentially. He is most probably one of the best guide around and is always providing amazing dives while guiding fantastic in the area. Have seen two sharks in 5 days around reefs. He is able to adopt quickly for the performance and request and expectation of different groups of divers and that is perfect. That was visible even more while departing with Other diving groups to Thistlegorm. Can easily confirm, that the group guided under magic diver Ali was most disciplined and organised on the boat. The prices were the same level as before, but overall performance of that team went up significant. Thank you, Highly recommended!

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