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pharaohInstructor5000 TGs

Abu Sauatir is one of only 2 easy access dive sit ...

Abu Sauatir is one of only 2 easy access dive sites in the region, you simply walk in from the beach no need to cross the reef. It is ideal for all levels of diver, from the central sand sloping down the middle where training is easily achieved, to the 35m wall to the north. The pinnacles in the bay provide an extensive array of marine life which was recently surveyed by a group of marine biologist who registered sightings of over one third of the Red Sea fish species in a 2 week survey! Night dives at Abu Sauatir are world class with regular sightings of Spanish Dancers, Octopus, Squid, Crabs, Shrimps, Bertolini, Pleurobranch and much much more.
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