Anfahrt / Anreise:
Domestic flight Bali (DPS) to Flores (LBJ), or via liveaboard
Örtlichkeit / Einstieg:
Batu Bolong is a pinnacle that lies in the channel between Komodo Island and Flores. As the waters around this pinnacle drop down to 200 meter, this pinnacle might just trap all the marine life in this channel. Be careful where to dive this site! It can be dived on all sides but the most important factor is the current. Strong currents almost always prevail on either the North or South side of the rock, so you want to dive in the lee area. Once you have found the best area, the dive is often quite relaxing. Decent along the slope to about 30 meters, and start zig-zagging your way up. Be careful at the corners for the current. If you're lucky you can find sleeping white tip reef sharks, turtles, and much more. This dive site is covered in corals and smaller fish such as the anthias. And don't forget to look out in the blue... You might be surprised by a passing whale shark or dolphin, if you're lucky!
Max. Tiefe:
Für Anfänger
Nächste Füllmöglichkeit:
Liveaboard or Labuan Bajo
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