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hello,we had a fabulous Similan trip with Peter G ...

we had a fabulous Similan trip with Peter Gambert as our perfect dive guide.His well judgment made our dives even more enjoyable.Specially in therms of diving in strong currents.He really knows were he is going.
So I decided it would be the right choice to add on my EFR and Rescue course with Peter.Since he has a lot of teaching experience as well.
Petri my friend just finished his AOWD with him.
Peter works at Aquaworld Phuket. He actually is the dive center manager, but still dives and teaches him selves.
Back in Phuket we started our 4 day course program.
Peter thought me a lot of new things.On land and in the water.He has a very good teaching style.A very calm and and patient teacher.Always in control of the situation.It was a great experience to dive with him.
I will be back for my divemaster next season.
Thank you Peter and see you soon. Tero from FL.

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Peter Was awesome !!! I was really happy abot eve ...

Peter Was awesome !!! I was really happy abot everything so I can recomended to use his servises. I saw many amazing creatures with him like tigertail sea horses and harlequin shimp I did my rescue course with him a he did his part of course really good... So hallelujaaaaaaaaa!!

This is the third time I´ve visited Phuket and we ...

This is the third time I´ve visited Phuket and went diving with Aquaworld Phuket. The first two times I did day trips to amazing reefs, islands and wrecks. This holiday I requested to do something special and Peter gave me an interesting suggestion: similan live-aboard cruise. It was one of the best weeks of my life. We spent 6 days eating, sleeping and diving. The boat was great, and the food was spectacular. We did 20 dives in 5 days at about 16 different dive sites. We saw leopard sharks, manta rays, giant turtles, white tip sharks, just to name a few of my favorites. It was diving like I´ve never done before. The visibility was over 20m minimum on EVERY dive. I have never seen such an array of colours and such a wide variety of species. Words do not have the power to define the underwater scenery we were fortunate enough to view.

Peter is a very attentive and considerate tour leader. He always goes the extra mile to ensure that you are comfortable and enjoying every minute of your diving experience. I am a divemaster and have seen how many different instructors and dive schools operate, but the person I have learned the most from about diving AND customer satisfaction is most definitely Peter who is the owner and manager of Aquaworldphuket. His generosity knows no bounds and for my next holiday I am going to come back here for sure and do another similan island live-aboard cruise.

Ryan Luft
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