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Juliet Sailing and Diving 123 SE 3rd Ave #484 Miami, FL 33131 866-558-5438
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In May 2011 I started my first wreck trek with rental car from Miami all the way down to Key West. From a dive show in Düsseldorf I got that cute little logbook published by Monroe County Tourist Development Council. The idea was to hit all 9 wrecks pictured there like you do in bowling. A splendid idea to introduce Florida wrecks. In Key Largo my adventure began with a promising and amazing dip on Spiegel Grove. However I couldn´t book all the other wrecks, as we couldn´t find dive centers who offered the A. Busch, Thunderbolt, Bibb and Eagle. Some had these on their schedule but asked for at least 4 divers, puuuh. Vandenberg was the final highlight of this trip. It bothered me to find white spots in that logbook and the idea simmered in me to one day try again. In 2018 a new US vacation was planned, so I tried to finish that job. Asked Juliet for the wreck trek cruise. They only had one trip scheduled and this was fully booked by some US dive club. Juliet suggested for me to ask if they still had space available for me. Lucky me, there was a half share cabin free. THANK YOU SCUBA VENTURE, MARK SPITZER + CRAIG CHOLSON. These two guys arranged everything so I could join them on that trip. It was my 2. nd on Juliet.
If one thing goes well you sometimes stumble across other not foreseen obstacles. My ESTA for entering USA was refused. This nearly panicked and stressed me. Due to only one question: “have you been to Syria, Irak or Sudan”, which I had to answer with yes. The website immediately blinked a warning: “ you really want to answer that question with yes”. Well if you want and need me be to be honest. I had been on a live aboard in Sudan, had a visa for this in my passport, no sense lying here. I then had to fill out a huge form for a visitor visa US, make an appointment with US embassy Frankfurt for a hearing. This took quite some time and money and I was a bit worried I have to cancel my trip. At the end all went well.
Juliet welcomed us at a jetty near Biscayne Road Miami. 11 US divers and 1 German – would this work well? I guess it did, and turned out to be a lovely week with open minded guys sharing the same ideas and agendas. Wreck 7 was our first stop to give us the chance to check our gear. I had a new Scubapro Lite Hawk BC which was much better for travelling than the old heavy but reliable Master Jacket. Water had 29 C ideal for me and a 5 mil. We dove nearly all wrecks on our way down to Key West. Some were easy ones with good vis. We had good sized barracuda, tarpons, yellowfin tuna, on some wrecks we encountered humongous grouper, which were a bit shy with the camera. Benwood had amazing fish life all around, my Hero was busy. A place called Fleger was like jumping into an aquarium, different species of angel fish and all kind of colorful creatures around. Molasse Reef a small turtle and a beautiful big eagle ray sailed past. Rather poor vis we met on Eagle and absolute soup dive on Cayman Salvager and A. Bush. Some guys compared this to the conditions they are used to in Lake Superior, I have this in our gravel lakes at home. At Spiegel Grove and Bibb a ripping current hit us, some of us decided not to go, some aborted right after the start. Juliet crew put a rope up to the buoy, a smaller one connecting the line down to ensure, nobody loose his/her hold while trying to reach from one to the other and drifts away. You really had to grab your way along the line, always looking straight ahead never to the side or your mask would have been lifted and your reg sucked water. Down on the wreck things improved, you could hide in the structure, and the current slackened a bit. At Key West we went ashore for a bit of sightseeing, souvenir shopping and grab some nice sea food. Juliet most days offered 4 dives from which I did 3. Nitrox is possible, they charge 100 $ for a week. Juliet gives you a touch of the spirit and romance of the old seafaring folk and pirates in their galleons. She is not the usual live aboard you might be used to. Everything is a bit smaller but cozy, you have to climb squeeze down to the cabins, which is no big deal for regular sized sportive guys. This time I had one without head, normally I prefer to have my own bathroom. Aircon worked well, I had the upper bunk, which was fine for me. Everything a bit smaller on board means at the same time less people around which is just great. It´s easier to get acquainted, to socialize and our group managed that to perfection this week. There never was any trouble or the dive deck too crowded to don your gear. Meals were a lovely mixture of Mexican Caribbean and American specials. On farewell day they served hot cinnamon rolls with icing at breakfast, mouthwatering but not allowed for me needing gluten free – not fair that  This time I managed to tick off all nine wrecks , so I guess a white Porsche as a reward from Florida Tourism will wait for me coming home.
Once again thanks to Scuba Venture and Juliet crew for this awesome week on board. Would love to join you again, if there is a tempting destination in store for us. Wouldn´t it be a good idea for the Juliet to once try the Pacific side with places like Malpelo, Cocos, Clipperton etcetera?
Juliet Sailing and Diving
123 SE 3rd Ave #484
Miami, FL 33131
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