TheFinArts protects sharks with the help of artwork from Thailand

08.12.2020 18:12
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Shark protection in a different way!

TheFinArts combines art and marine protection: To protect endangered sharks, art objects from Thailand are sold to support projects for education and shark protection.

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Sharks are among the oldest species in the world. For over 400 million years, these predators have kept life under the sea surface in balance. Statistically speaking, they are extremely harmless to humans. On average, there are probably five to ten annual deaths caused by the shark. By way of comparison, hundreds of thousands of people die every year from insect bites - whether due to the transmission of diseases (e.g. malaria) or allergic reactions. The well-known comparison, the deaths of 150 people from falling coconuts is a legend - such accidents have never been counted - but it illustrates quite perfectly that there are many things that are more deadly to humans than the shark.

All in all, it can be said that humans are not the victims of sharks, but sharks are the victims of humans. According to IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) one third of all shark species in the world are now considered endangered.

Especially humans drive sharks of all sizes to the edge of extinction. According to scientific studies, 100 million sharks die annually due to overfishing and unintentional by-catch alone.

But also because of their very lucrative fins, which are considered a "delicacy" in Asia, but also in Europe, it still happens that the fins of the animals are cut off and then thrown overboard mutilated where they suffocate miserably in the water - unable to move without fins; without swimming movement no water can pass through the gills.


In order to help sharks and to guarantee for a better future, there are now various organizations that have made shark protection their top priority. One of them is "TheFinArts" from Thailand.

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Holger Schwab has lived in Phuket, Thailand for 23 years. There he runs a diving school and a vacation resort called "Sea Bees - Phuket". He has been in the diving business for over 30 years and has already done some fascinating dives. "One of the greatest attractions has always been the sharks, but over the years I had to watch the world's shark population decrease and shark Eldorados like Cocos or Galapagos were reduced by more than 50% in a few years. So the idea was born to give these elegant predators a better lobby by educating the people," he explains.

"Why Sharks matter!"

This is the motto of the start-up company "TheFinArts", which Holger Schwab's heart is attached to. Art and marine conservation are combined here. Unique artwork is painted on the sharks by various artists from Thailand, which are available in different price ranges and sizes, in order to show the "awareness of the art of nature and the need to protect this amazing and important creature," says TheFinArts on their website.

"Painting a shark can take up to a whole day, each one is unique and a very valuable gift," explains Holger Schwab.

By acquiring this "shark art" it is also possible to support large projects in the field of shark protection. Up to 50% of the income is donated to various shark protection projects such as "SharkProject" or "Shark Guardian".

"Both have the goal to protect sharks and to carry out educational work. We are actively supporting these two organizations at the moment", says Holger Schwab.

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Even in times of Corona, it is especially important to think about animal and environmental protection. "In general, environmental protection has unfortunately fallen somewhat into oblivion due to the current situation. We have no easy life in the topic shark protection due to all the Corona problems at the moment", he explains further.

As far as Corona makes it possible, the shark sculptures can also be admired at various trade fairs. "We have been to various trade fairs, such as the ADEX Asia Dive Expo in Singapore, twice at the BOOT in Düsseldorf, at the InterDive in Frankfurt and also at the InterDive in Friedrichshafen". he adds.

When asked what the goal for the future is, Holger Schwab answers: "Our goal is to send a school of sharks with fifty or more big sharks around the world. We have a great role model, that is the ELEPHANT PARADE from Thailand. They send their painted elephants around the world for their protection. This is exactly our goal with sharks, to draw attention to shark protection".

"...Because dreams are important. We want to go there …!"

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