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27.02.2017 09:41
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Artificial reefs help to preserve valuable ecosystems

Curacao's intact coral reefs belong to the most popular attraction for divers and snorkelers. Globally however, corals are endangered by human influences. Such as pollution and overfishing of the oceans for example and already have been severely damaged in various places over the world.

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Especially, thru climate change and weather phenomena such as El Niño, rising water temperatures can destroy entire reef systems. In many places artificial reefs are built to preserve or rebuild these valuable ecosystems.

A very special Biorock® reef grows currently at Curaçao Divers. Large metal constructions were placed in shallow, sandy area at the house reef in front of the Sun Reef Village on Sea. These metal constructions get a slight, gentle current of electricity. Naturally broken Coral pieces get collected and saved by being attached to the structure. The electrical current generates electrolysis, through which, minerals from the sea water like calcium carbonate settles on the metal structure.

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This limestone provides a perfect underground for coral growth. The small electrical current sets in the coral polyp’s true super powers free:
In this electric field, corals grow up to 5 times faster than under natural conditions and are up to 50 times more resistant towards harmful environmental influences.

Fishes and other marine life appreciate the artificial reefs as a source of food and shelter. Within a short period of time, Biorocks® transform into an underwater oasis full of life and is an attraction for divers and snorkelers.

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This is why the Curacao BioRock Foundation was founded at the end of December 2016 in order to maintain this and future projects.

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