Scuba Iguana, Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, Galapagos

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Tauchen Top, Service Flop

I had booked and payed in advance 3 days of diving with scuba iguana in may 2017. Unfortunately the day before our flight to galapagos got canceled due to repairs on baltra airport. Our agency immediately told scuba iguana that we were not able to make it for our first day of diving. By talking to other divers we later learnt that scuba iguana did dive on that day and that there were plenty of other divers on the boat. We had two nice days of diving but when we later tried to explain to scuba iguana what happened and wanted to get a refund for the day we couldn't make it we not only didn't get our money back for the first day of diving but not even a reply.

I can fully understand a 100% cancellation fee when costs have been produced that could have been prevented but the scuba iguana had no costs through our no show. To not even reply is really bad customer service so I cannot recommend to go there.