Euro-Divers LUX* South Ari Atoll

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What can I say about the Eurodivers at the Diva? ...

What can I say about the Eurodivers at the Diva? We went their for our honeymoon and I got my OWD 1 week beforehand in filthy German lake water. Needless to say that even the refreshment dive along from the beach along the short jetty was a much better experience with much to see (lionfish, lobster) than in the lake.
The Eurodivers base at the Diva is run by a French team (laurent, Yannick & Pierre) with support by Yukari from Japan. Nice, very good instructors with the typical French softskills, if you know what I mean. They sometimes seem a little distracted but are indeed very caring - well, like I said FRENCH.
Perfect rental equipment, base and dhonis! Everything was absolutely top!

As beginners we were quite impressed with what we saw. We only did 1 dive at the Turtle Point and didnt see many big fish but some turtles.

We will go there again, and we will go for more dives with them! It simply was amazing!
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