WWI Submarine Discovered Off Swedish Coast

29.07.2015 06:26
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Submarine With Cyrillic Characters On Bow

Dennis Aasberg (left) and Peter Lindberg , © www.oceanexplorer.se
Ocean X Team wreck divers Åsberg (left) and Lindberg found
the submarine.
© www.oceanexplorer.se

The wreck of a submarine with Cyrillic characters on its bow has been discovered by wreck divers Dennis Åsberg and Peter Lindberg off the eastern coast of Sweden.

It is about 20 metres long, and shows no external damage. All the hatches are closed, indicating that the crew of the submarine had not been able to flee the submarine when it ran around.

According to Norwegian and Swedish media reports, the wreck is the remains of a Russian submarine of Som class (nicknamed 'Catfish') of the Imperial Russian Navy.

Built in 1904, it was first deployed in tbe Black Sea. During the First World War, it was transferred to the naval fleet in the Baltic Sea in 1915. The following year, it perished in a collision with Swedish freighter SS Södermalmland that had sunk off the Swedish coast – precisely at the spot where the wreck rests today.

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As it has been nearly 99 years, the wreck has become rather overgrown. This is nothing unusual, as the other wrecks in the vicinity have also been overgrown.

Fulton - Wels, Submarine Som Class  Beluga - Submarine Som Class
The Som class were a series of submarines built for the Imperial Russian Navy in 1904-1907. They were designed by the Electric Boat Company. The boats were built in St. Petersburg and were designed to be transportable by train. The first boat, "Som" (left), was originally the Fulton - It was sold and delivered to Russia in sections and re-assembled in St. Petersburg. Right side: Russian submarine "Beluga", a sister ship of the "Som". (click to enlarge)

Due to this fact, prior to the positive identification of the submarine as a Russian submarine, there had been speculation that the wreck was the foreign submarine that was sighted in the archipelago outside Stockholm in the summer of 2014. At that time, the Swedish Armed Forces conducted an unsuccessful search for it that was called off after a week.

Swedish TV Spot concerning submarine discovery

This is not the first time Ocean X Team wreck divers Lindberg and Åsberg made the news: In 2011, they had been part of the team that discovered the infamous Baltic Sea Anomaly, an unusual formation in the Baltic Sea that some have suggested might have extraterrestrial origins.

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