Silfra: Drifting Between Two Continents In Iceland

24.07.2015 07:16
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Intercontinental Diving In Iceland

Silfra - © Christian Skauge
Intercontinental Diving: incredible visibility., © C.Skauge

The Silfra fissure in Iceland must be one of the most interesting diving and snorkelling spots in the world. Once you dive in, you are literally between Europe and America – and the visibility is amazing!

Located within Iceland's Thingvellir National Park, this is where the Eurasian tectonic plate and the North American plate drifts away from each other. Here, divers have the unique opportunity to explore this 'new space' that is constantly growing – albeit at one to two centimetres per year.

The water here is melt water from the Langjökull Glacier 50 kilometres away. The water currently flowing into the Silfra would have travelled underground for 30 to 100 years, filtered through
the lava fields.

The result is incredibly crisp, clear and cold water (2 to 4°C), with visibility of up to 100 metres. Add to this the beautiful rock formations all around, and it's no wonder that droves of divers and snorkelers congregate here for a unique underwater experience.  

Video Silfra by Dykkermenn
Additional Videos Silfra.

In Iceland, snorkelling and diving tours into the Silfra are available, for up to a maximum of four dives per day. Of course, if you wish, you can always make it a point to dive here every couple of years. After all, as the tectonic plates are constantly moving apart, every subsequent trip will present you with a slightly more 'spacious' Silfra to swim in.