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Scuba Fun knows how to have fun!I dove with John ...

Scuba Fun knows how to have fun!
I dove with John and his staff from 8/13 to 8/18 2010. I have been to various Caribbean destinations diving with many dive operations. I can´t remember ANY that treated me as good as Scuba Fun. From the time I arrived until the time I departed I only had to deal with my gear to dive in it. Scuba Fun´s staff made sure it was on the boat, took it from the boat back to the shop and rinsed and hung it to dry.
At many operations you end up diving the same sight multiple times during a trip. Scuba Fun does all they can to prevent this, unless of course you want to dive the same sight more than once.

One of my pet peeves is dive operations who hand hold experienced divers. Scuba Fun recognizes experienced divers and allows those divers some autonomy regarding the direction and profile of the dive, of course while keeping safety in mind at all times. Melkie and Richard, ok John too, really know Bayahibe dive sights. Melkie was able to find seahorses on a night dive which he knew hung out in a certain area.

The only boat captian´s name I can remember is Franco who is an entertaining character who likes loud music. If you see him he likes hearing is the best captain in Bayahibe.

Finally there is Ingrid. I hope John realizes she is the oil that keeps the Scuba Fun machine running. Just let any of your diving and transportation arrangements to her and it gets done.

Thanks to all for a great time. If we ever come back to Bayahibe we will be diving with Scuba Fun.

Disclaimer: Scuba Fun gave me one day of free diving to say this nice stuff. JUST KIDDING!!!!

Jeff Howard