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Big current and lot's of trash

I can'r recommend Procco Island Bambu Resort. It's lonely. You can't go swimming because of lots of trash in the water. The staff clean the beach regularly but lots of trash comes very day. The beach is full of it. Apart from that, there is always a big current, so you might not go diving because of the current. I could only dive in the morning because of that, that was disappointing but of course: safety first. The visibility was bad due to the rain. That is not the fault of the resort. I didn't feel good. Rain came into the bungalow when it was heavily raining. During the time, when I couldn't dive, there were no other options for activities, f.e. massage. The wifi was limited. For me it was disappointing.
Good things:
The house reef was amazing! The staff was nice and wonderful. Food was delicious. Diving crew was lovely.