Mark und Chick Scuba School, Padenghe sul Garda (Inaktiv)

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Martin Stiegler204963PADI AI208 TGs

Hi Divers,on 29. May 2010 I had one dive with ´Ma ...

Hi Divers,

on 29. May 2010 I had one dive with ´Mark & Chick Scuba School´ in the ´Lago di Garda´. I´m writing this short report because I was fully satisfied and I enjoyed being there.

It was hard finding the diving school because the numbre of that street (Via Marconi 57) wasn´t in my navigation system (a brandnew TomTom). You will find it within the building of the local yacht-club, which has also a restaurant. It´s next to a roundabout and has a parking area in front behind a automatic gate. With this information it wont be a problem finding it

Our dive-sight was ´SAN SIVINO - MANERBA D/G.´, we came there with a really comfortable boat. The part located in the front of that boat was a closed cabin with nice benches and tables. The other part was open and ideal for fixing the tanks and all the equipment so that it doesn´t fall around. In the middle of that part was a massive higher space/platform where it is easy to pull up the equipments and preparing for the dive. Sticking out was the huge gas-grill on the end. The boat was quiet easy to reach over the pier. It is also possible to go there by car, so the transport of the equipment to the boat is more than close.

The dive-sight was great and we arrived in only a few minutes. Beginning with a sanded area on about 20m you´re pretty fast on a wall. It goes straight down, no idea how deep (50?, 60? 70? or more?). We followed this wall left shoulder and reduced the depth step by step so we came back to the roof of that wall. The way back to the boat was taken through the shallow water next to the island. In this area are lots of plants. We had only a few fishes but but it was still fine.

The visibility depended on the depth. I guess from 4m to 15m. The lowest temperature was 10 degrees. I had only a semi dry suit with a hooded vest. I was the only one like this and I felt a little bit underdressed but it was enough and I finished after 50 minutes without freezing. Better would be a dry suit, like everyone of my buddies had

After we finished the dive, Mark used the gas-grill and toasted some nice bread and made a pizza also. Really nice, I had something like that never before. He is a friendly and funny guy like all of my buddies on this day. Perfect, I enjoyed it. Even the weather wasn´t as fine

6 fins for you... If I will be again on the Lago di Garda we will see us again for hopefully more than one dives...

Thank you!
Martin (german guy)
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