Kedas Lodge, Miemia Beach, Axim

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I can only support Sternensuppe´s positive notes ...

I can only support Sternensuppe´s positive notes on Kedas Lodge and their very friendly and professional managers, Sylvia and Michael. I spent the first weekened in March 2012 at their base. Unusal for that time of the year there were some rather strong currents coming onshore bringing along quite some sediment. I could only make one short dive in a nearby bay (rather shallow 5-7m) where in the first 5 minutes we could spot a moray and an eel fish. Trouble was that whilst advancing, the visibility worsened for the mentioned reasons so we ended the dive after some 30 minutes. For Sylvia and Michael definitely safety comes first. They manage the base well. The rental equipment is in good shape and order and the pricing is absolutely adequate (prices to be found on Same goes for the offered accommodation. Clean and functional and maybe a few more wardrobes in the rooms and deck-chairs and parasols would do The staff is very friendly and helpful. The kitchen is OUTSTANDING. Kedas Lodge is situated in a small bay with some luxury houses on its left and a fishermen´s village on its right. The beach is rather small and does not invite to endless hikes yet if hiking is not possible, canoeing is. It is definitely worth visiting Kedas Lodge whilst being in Ghana. Drive time from Accra (depending on driver´s ruthlessness) apprx. 5 hrs. I will try hard to going there again and wish Sylvia and Michael all the best!!!