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We have recently returned from Cyprus and some un ...

We have recently returned from Cyprus and some unforgettable diving experiences. Anyone visiting Cyprus and especially the Pafos district can also take advantage of the facilities one particular diving center has to offer.
The name is Dive Point, an active and welcoming diving group located conveniently along the well known “Tomb Of The Kings Road” tourist route. Me and my German girlfriend visit Cyprus usually twice per year and feel this diving center deserves special attention.
Why is it different? Most diving centers in the area can offer most of the tourist diver’s needs and options, however the enthusiasm and friendliness of this small group made us feel we were accepted as friends and not just more tourists.
On my first visit 5 years ago I found the boss Raymond Newbiggin very busy but he made time to discuss my requirements informally and with great consideration for my lack of recent diving experience. Time would show that the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of Ray and his team was more than enough to ensure us we were in safe hands and getting more than just another “pay to dive” deal.
Diving options are varied and flexible and can be found on their website or by calling direct. Whichever way we’re sure you will find the same welcome and professionalism that makes us return year after year.