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From 2nd-9th of April 2015 I was aboard the M/V G ...

From 2nd-9th of April 2015 I was aboard the M/V Giamani: this boat has been overhauled and refurbished in 2013 and now offers place for a max. of 10 divers, which means comfortable diving. I had the extra luxury of being with only 6 divers on the first (2-day) leg, and on the second (4-day) leg there were only 3 of us, with 2 guides who alternated. So space was abundant and the diving was very relaxed, which was great as I was filming (in 3D, with a self-modified Amphibico PD-150 and a Sony HDR-TD20 camera) most of the dives, being therefor slower in the water. Food was plenty and tasteful, the room was comfortable, the crew and the guides were excellent and very helpful. There are 12l and 15l tanks, air and nitrox.
The first leg was a trip from Chalong to Phi Phi and Hin Daeng (visibility slightly inferior), the second leg was to Similaun and Richelieu Rock (better visibility) with a couple of wrecks for the last day on our way back to Chalong.
In and out of the water is always from the stern of the boat (the dinghy is only used for a trip to one of the islands). A couple of dives were current dives (some moderate, some strong current).
Even then, the diving was very relaxed like I said, and every dive offered a great amount and variety of sea life, from critters to big trevally, great for close-ups and macro: various types of nudibranches, shrimps, crabs, moray eel and clown fish, to name but a few, and (for me a first) banded coral snakes. At one of the islands a Hawksbill turtle family has developed the habit of swimming to the boat and begging for ....banana´s! They can be hand fed (but watch for your fingers..).
Don´t expect any sharks....unless it´s a whale shark! We had the great luck of encountering a (juvenile) whale shark at Richelieu Rock (which according to the crew was to be expected), but to the astonishment of the guides also at the so called Teak Wreck, where a (different) young whale shark (5-6 meters size) hovered in the current over the wreck, thus offering excellent possibilities for filming (although already too big to fit the screen from a distance of 2 meters).
All in all, it was a great experience, which offered excellent filming (or photo) possibilities and great hospitality from the crew and guides.
I can only recommend this boat and in fact, the whole experience.
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