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Jurassic Komodo with La Galigo Liveaboard

I have just recently come back from a trip with la Galigo Liveaboard. Firstly i have to say i was a little sceptacle when i read the reviews below, but based on the fact of doing my own research and reading pletny of other comments, especially that on and actually getting in contact with the boat owners aswell as these bad reviews are over 2 years old.

Once speaking with the owners and the Reservations, I was happy to proceed with my booking. I was advised to arrive the day before as sometimes the airlines can be a little unpredictable, so i stayed in La Prima hotel as per the recommendation from La Galigo. When i arrvied at the hotel, the information about the pickup times was waiting for me at reception.
La Galigo collected me in the morning nice and early around 8am and we headed to the boat, already very excited to get going. When we arrived at the boat, i could see that it was nothing like in the picture on this site. The boat looked to be in great condition, and well maintained. I was greated by the whole crew and a cool refreshing drink. We was asked to leave all our baggage and head to the resturant area. Once there the Crusie Director can a small introduction and showed us to our cabins. We stayed in the Deluxe Cabin on the Lower Deck and the first impressions was very good.
Once we had finished being shown around the crew brought our luggage to our rooms. We then went upstairs to setup our dive gear for the diving ahead that day, to find that the crew had already prepared all our dive equipment as well. Wasnt expecting that.

When all the guests were onboard we then started to head into the Park, all the guests were asked to head upstairs to the main deck area where the Cruise Director, carried out a safety briefing as well as some history about the boat and how our adventures would lay out over the next few days.

After the briefing we had a great lunch in preperation for the first days diving. The crew are incredibley helpful carrying out gear to the smaller boats that we would use to get to and from the dive sites. Our first night sleep was amazing in our huge beds, I was staying in a double and manage to have a look around the boat at the Twin rooms and the 3 rooms upstairs as well and all very comfortable and a great size.

The diving during that week was exceptional with all the dive guides being very experienced and incredible at spotting even the smaller marine life. We didnt have a single issue with our room or any of the activities that went on during our 6 day adventure.

For me i couldnt recommend la Galigo enough, the pricing and the experience was for me perfect, I also spoke with a number of other guests and they all shared our same feelings as well.

I have already booked to go to Raja Ampat next year with La Galigo and cant wait for that. I hope you dont let the reviews below puttin gyou off going with these guys as i can certainly say i was super happy and the reviews left below are no longer an issue.
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