Whale carcass causes feeding frenzy off South Africa

04.09.2015 07:23
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Feast for both sharks and divers

Screenshot youTube Video BarcroftTV
Screenshot youTube Video BarcroftTV

It's not something you come across every day: A floating whale carcass on the ocean surface... with some 40 sharks feasting on it.

So when diver Emil Pirzenthal learnt about a whale carcass some three kilometres off KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, he and his friends headed out to take a look.

At the scene, four scuba boats were already there, surrounding the carcass. Although there was much excitement amongst the divers, no one dared to enter the deceptively calm waters.

After a preliminary dive with a snorkel, the divers decided it was safe to dive in without a shark cage. One by one, they entered the waters with their cameras; and what a visual treat it was!

Beneath the surface was a flurry of excitement caused by three great whites, 20 tiger sharks, more than 15 bull sharks, and some dusty and blacktip sharks. As the divers clicked away, the sharks feasted on the massive whale carcass, totally ignoring the divers.

Then, when the ocean currents started to move the carcass to the beach at Scottburgh, the divers tied a rope to the whale's tail and pulled it further out to sea. Thus, the sharks were able to continue their feast, safe and far from human civilisation.