Petition against shark fishing in the maldives

27.03.2021 13:13
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Maldives: plan to legalize shark fishing

Maldives Fisheries Minister Zaha Waheed recently stated that there are intensive talks to end the ban on shark fishing.

Minister Zaha stated this in response to a question from a member of the People's Majlis (houses of Parliament, Maldives) Economic Committee. According to Minister Zaha, there are only a very small number of countries that protect sharks. So there is no reasonable reason not to do this in the Maldives.

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Commercial shark fishing in the Maldives began in 1970 and was banned in 2010 along with a ban on the sale and export of all shark-related products.

The introduction of shark fishing would be planned as a managed fishery, the minister explained: "Since it's a means to generate profit, we don't have to restrict ourselves."
A managed fishery is when the fishery is opened for a certain period of time to generate economic profit. Waheed further explained, "that the fishery will continue in such a way that it will not affect the shark population numbers in the Maldives."

Petition against the legalization of shark fishing in the Maldives.

Although Ms. Waheed's announcement sounds like it is seeking a truly sustainable opening of the shark fishing ban without affecting stocks, the practice of shark fishing worldwide shows that this is a calming strategy for tourism, the Maldives' main source of revenue.

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Sharks are at the top of the food chain in our oceans and are responsible for a healthy balance in the seas. Pollution of the oceans and global overfishing have already severely depleted shark populations. The statements to implement a responsible shark fishery in the Maldives is nothing more than lip service under these conditions. The shark population is threatened by shark fishing. Please sign this petition to say together


The reactions to Zaheed's announcement and the petition show that there is strong opposition to these plans in the Maldives as well. Let us also raise our voice and support the petition for the protection of sharks in the Maldives.

Voices on the petition:

Ashwag Ismail
I am signing this petition because I believe sharks are very important to maintain a healthy ecosystem. Once the shark fishery is opened, Maldives will not have the capacity to monitor and regulate the fishery. Therefore, it would be another uncontrolled and unsustainable fishery in the Maldives.

Ahmed RicKy Mohamed
This is just stupid to even consider in a country whose main resources are tourism/diving and fishing. I hope these backward ways of thinking change.


Call to Action (via Mail)

In addition to the change-org petition there is another ongoing action via mail. Please have a look at: Call to Action. Maldives sharks under potential thread -  and please also send your letter of protest to the Ministry of Fisheries.