Papua New Guinea named one of top 21 must-see destinations in 2017

14.02.2017 08:08
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Ranking enhances island state's profile as cultural capital

The National Geographic Traveller has added Papua New Guinea (PNG) to its “Best of the World Destinations” rankings for 2017, where it presents the top must-see places to visit. This exotic island state is now listed alongside well-known destinations such as the United States or Spain.

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Jerry Agus, Chief Executive Officer of PNG's Tourism Promotion Authority, expressed delight that PNG was being recognised by the world's top traveller's magazine as one of the world's best “must see” destinations in 2017. “To be also named by National Geographic as one of the best cultural destinations in the world further enhances PNG’s profile as the cultural capital of the world,” he said.

We all know our unique and diverse cultures and traditions are a major tourism attraction and such glowing global endorsements from National Geographic should only encourage us as a people and a nation to continue to strengthen and maintain our cultures and traditions,” said Agus.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is one of the last real visages of wilderness left in the world. It is home to the largest area of intact rainforest outside of the Amazon. Large parts of the country remain unaffected by civilisation, so much so that visitors often feel like explorers stepping foot there for the first time. The scenic beauty – untouched coral reefs and sandy beaches, volcanoes, mountains (some up to 4,000 metres high), tropical rainforests, raging rivers – charm visitor with their diverse landscapes. Traditional customs exist to this day and are part of daily life. At cultural festivals like the Goroka Show or Mount Hagen Show, the vibrant colours of the decorative carvings, alongside the energetic dances (with drum accompaniment), immense travellers in the total cultural experience.

For divers, Papua New Guinea offers a fantastic underwater world, with twice as many fish species as in the Red Sea and a diversity of species that exceeds those in the Caribbean tenfold.

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The dive sites at Papua New Guinea can be visited all year round. Resorts, dive centres and liveaboards offer attractive packages for every budget. With reefs, seagrass meadows, atolls and spectacular wrecks from World War Two, diving in Papua New Guinea simply brings pure pleasure and adventure.

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