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13.01.2017 16:19
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Heinz D Ritter launches free magazine on underwater photography

The renowned former editor of the German UNTERWASSER scuba dive magazine, Heinz D Ritter, is launching HEINZ, a new free online magazine devoted exclusively to underwater photography this weekend.

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The inaugural issue HEINZ01 is available at Among other gems, the debut issue presents breath-taking underwater photographs – from the whale to the nudibranch – by Cassie Jensen, David Doubilet, Fabien Michenet, Uwe Schmolke and Doug Perrine.

With the selection of photographers and motifs, Ritter once again proves that he has an excellent eye and an unerring sense of quality.

For 40 years, Ritter has been an integral part of the media where scuba diving is concerned. Speaking in German, he describes the motivation for his new free online magazine: “HEINZ is a personal dream without any commercial motive. As with the UWF magazine, I am driven by the desire of people who have something to say, thus I present the world with HEINZ.

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Published every two months in German and English, HEINZ is available at