Maldivian Resort Welcomes 124 Baby Turtles

19.08.2015 09:29
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Baby Turtles On Maldivian Island Resort Velassaru

Baby Turtles on Resort Island - © Velassaru Maldives
Baby Turtles on Resort Island - © Velassaru Maldives

In the Dhivehi language, the word 'veela' means 'turtle'. Hence, it is no wonder that a Green Turtle picked Velassaru Island in the South Male Atoll, Maldives to lay her eggs.

This momentous event, which took place in May 2015, was rare as turtles would normally choose remote places to lay their eggs. Yet, for this particular green turtle, she decided that the resort island of Velassaru would be the nesting place for her clutch of eggs.

It turned out to be the perfect location. When the team at the five-star Velassaru Maldives learnt about this, a net was erected to protect the nest and the staff kept a vigilant eye on it.

After 58 days, on July 23rd, the baby turtles were hatched. Watched over from a distance by hotel staff and guests, the 124 hatchlings broke free from the nest and made their way across the wide sandy beach, and into the Indian Ocean. Every single one of them made it safely into the ocean.

Baby Turtles on Resort Island - © Velassaru Maldives  Baby Turtles on Resort Island - © Velassaru Maldives  Island Resort Velassaru - © Velassaru Maldives
Baby Turtles on Resort Island (click to enlarge pictures)

It would be 30 to 50 years before the baby turtles would be ready to breed. Once the females mate and are ready to lay their eggs, they would seek out a quiet place to nest.

At night, the mother turtle comes to shore and digs a hole, into which she lays about 70 to 120 eggs with soft flexible shells. She then covers them with sand to protect them against dehydration and predators. Once this is done, the turtle returns to the sea.

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The island's marine biologist Santiago said that to encourage other turtles to lay their eggs on the beach, stretches of beach should be kept shaded and quiet. As the resort eagerly awaits the return of the baby turtles when they reach adulthood, it equally welcomes other nesting turtles to its shores as, according to Santiago: “Here, their babies are safe!