Konstantin Killer wins the title of the world's best UW-Fashion photographer

09.02.2022 15:10
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World ShootOut 2021-2022 - Category "UW Fashion

At the end of January, the time had come: The winners of the renowned UW photo competition "World ShootOut 2021 - 2022" were published and Konstantin Killer has won the category "UW Fashion".

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Due to the many restrictions and challenges imposed on everyone by the pandemic, the competition management decided to run the World ShootOut competition with a new concept - "Pictures of Your Life" was the motto. Photographers were invited to submit their underwater pictures taken anywhere and anytime in the world in 13 different categories. No longer a central gathering with a shootout, this was a collection of best-of images from the entire careers of UW photographers.

The World ShootOut competitions are known worldwide as the international "Underwater Photo Olympics." They have gradually evolved into fascinating events that provide all participants with unforgettable moments, new friends, creative ideas and fresh energy year after year. In addition, the World ShootOut competitions have become a platform for photographic innovation, showcasing the latest technologies and techniques.

Photographers from 54 countries participated in the competition and sent their best works to the international judges. Thousands of top quality images are competing in the contest in several categories. The for many readers still unknown category "UW Fashion" we illuminate in sequence a little closer.

We asked Konstantin to tell us a bit about his story and how he got into underwater model photography:
"About 10 years ago I started to deal intensively with underwater model photography. My initial attitude 'It can't be that hard' was questioned by me more and more over time. How many flashes do you need under water? What is the best way to place the light? How do you secure the model? How do you create a beautiful picture with several image layers? How long does a UW shooting take and what is the minimum water temperature? What additional equipment do I need for an underwater shooting? Which lenses are useful for which purposes? These are all the questions that will hit an underwater photographer in the pool sooner or later hard.

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It was not uncommon for shoots to turn into a real "team power" and "gear battle". However, the most important thing has always been very detailed coordination and scheduling, as well as intensive preparation for each team member.

Several years ago, fate brought me together with underwater top model and mermaid Katrin Gray.  After our first shoot together, we both understood right away - this is a perfect fit! Our winning team was born. In the meantime, we can look back on countless magazine publications and covers, won international competitions and created super beautiful images for TV and manufacturer productions. Today I can safely say that underwater model photography is a complex "underwater photography" direction that demands an incredible amount from the entire team and requires perseverance as well as full commitment. My moto: 'Your imagination alone sets the limit of what is possible!'"

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We also talked to Katrin Gray, the well-known mermaid KAT, and she was happy to tell us about the joint project with Konstantin:
"To get great underwater photos many factors have to be considered. The interaction between the model and photographer of course is extremely important. In addition, depending on the shoot, make-up artists, designers, backup divers and assistants also provide support to achieve the desired result. Each individual is important in this team and contributes greatly to the final result.

The special thing about this underwater shooting were two things in particular: firstly, the shooting was carried out in a pool that was only 1.50 m deep and secondly, two models were partially photographed underwater at the same time here.

With models normally standing about 1.80 m tall in high heels, taking photos in a 1.50 m deep pool is already a bit of a challenge. Models are relatively limited in their choice of poses underwater and that while holding their breath, taring their body, posing in front of the camera while controlling clothes and hair and almost blindly with water in their nose trying to look natural, expressive and elegant. In an underwater shooting, compared to a shoot above water, the circumstances are more complicated and there are many more things to pay attention to.

Even if only one model is photographed under water, this can quickly become a challenge. The model and the photographer have to coordinate with each other and the model has to show her best side while the photographer tries to capture the model perfectly from the right angle. If a second model now comes into play, the whole thing becomes a bit more complicated. Now two models have to hold their breath for about the same amount of time and control their buoyancy. Both have to take good body positions at the same time and then preferably ones that fit together. They can't really coordinate this underwater, because they can hardly see each other without a diving mask. Furthermore, the hair, costumes and bubbles have to be in the right positions and then it is up to the photographer to capture everything at the right moment and from the right angle.

The whole team had an incredibly great time during the shoot. Everyone was in a good mood, motivated, helpful and happy about the incredible results."

The Model Team

Katrin Gray, aka Mermaid Kat, is a trained diving instructor, apnoea diver as well as technical diver and cave diver. For many years, the former "Miss Germany International" has already worked as an underwater model, underwater stuntwoman and made a name for herself as a professional mermaid.

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The model partner Delia Thranberend is a very experienced model, but this was only her second underwater shooting. After a short briefing and a little instruction from Kat, she was able to optimize her modeling skills underwater very quickly. Despite the change in gravity, more difficult visibility and water in the sinuses, Delia posed like a pro underwater. The interaction between the two models was just a wonderful fit right from the start and the harmony between them is quite evident in the photos.

Congratulations to the really great pictures and winning the first place!

More information about the whole contest
Link to the album winner: https://www.worldshootout.org/album2021-web222.pdf
Link to the contest page: https://www.worldshootout.org/

The current dates for the year 2022
05.03.2022 - Course: Where to put the flashes ? Exposure system correct positioning.
06.03.2022 - Course: Image processing trainings, focus on underwater photography.
30.04.2022 - Underwater Model Workshop with Konstantin Killer and Katrin Gray (Mermaid KAT)
01.05.2022 - Underwater Photographer Workshop with Konstantin Killer and Katrin Gray (Mermaid KAT) and Karina Diekmann
21.05.2022 - Underwater Model Workshop with Konstantin Killer and Katrin Gray (Mermaid KAT)
08 to 10.07.2022 - Day of underwater photography in Siegburg (SAECAM / UWF Event)
12.08 to 14.08.2022 - Photographer Event with Konstantin Killer and Georg Nies at Grüblsee Austria.
17.09 to 24.09.2022 - Mermaid Week in Egypt - with Mermaid KAT and Konstantin Killer

Registration on the homepage under: Homepage Model Photography

Team Killer Konstantin

Model 1: Katrin Gray, Website: Katrin Gray - Mermaid Kat.
Model 2: Delia , Instagram: D E L I A (@delicioussilver) - Instagram photos and videos.
Photographer: Konstantin Killer, Instagram: Konstantin Killer Underwater (@killer_konstantin) - Instagram photos and videos.
Make Up: Aneta Graniger, Instagram: Aneta Graniger (@anetagraniger) - Instagram photos and videos.
Designer: Fatima Halwani, Instagram: Fatima Halwani Haute Couture (@fatima.halwani.couture) - Instagram photos and videos
Designer: Melani Wedemeier, Instagram: Melanie Wedemeier (@sassedesign.hannover) - Instagram photos and videos.
Designer: Selina Hartzsch, Instagram: SCH Design (@selina_hartzsch_design) - Instagram photos and videos.
Camera: Nikon Z6II, Instagram: Nikon DACH (@nikondach) - Instagram photos and videos.
Underwater housing: SEACAM, Instagram: SEACAM (@seacam_official) - Instagram photos and videos
Video: Jens Drygalla, Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dimagefactory/