Fiji Siren Lost at Sea

16.11.2017 09:27
Kategorie: News

In a still-developing story, Worldwide Dive and Sail has confirmed that the Fiji Siren has been lost at sea, luckily with no loss of life. According to a close source, the vessel sunk.

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„We are very sad to announce that during her current cruise Fiji Siren has been lost and we are currently conducting a full and thorough investigation.
Most importantly, all guest and crew are safe and well with arrangements being made for our guests to begin their journey home. No guest or crew member was injured during this incident and we commend the actions of our team for following our stringent emergency training protocols which resulted in the swift evacuation and handling of the situation.“

WWDS goes on to say that no injuries were incurred during the incident and that all passengers and crew were de-boarded safely. The company is actively working on options for guests who were booked to cruise on board the boat in the future. If you’re booked on board the Fiji Siren, please email Worldwide Dive and Sail for details on what to do next.

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