El Hierro – Diver's Paradise In The Atlantic

11.08.2015 23:49
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Go Diving On The Smallest Canary Island

Tauchen auf El Hierro

Dive in the town of La Restinga, on the smallest Canary Island of El Hierro. Within such breath-taking scenery, it is no wonder that many prominent Fotosub competitions have been held here regularly.

Here, within the Sea of Calm, there is an extinct underwater volcano literally at your doorstep! El Bajon is the underwater symbol of the island and certainly one of the best dive sites in the entire Atlantic Ocean. From several hundred metres, it rises to 14 metres and is a popular hunting spot for barracudas and groupers. It is also home to schools of fish large enough to delight any diver!

The dive sites of El Hierro are perfect for both beginners and advanced divers. With the location of the base near the beach, and with its own pier, the distances to dive spots and other attractions are greatly minimised.

Of course, there are many other interesting places along the coast to explore, and these can be reached in almost no time onboard the swift boat of Extra Divers.

La Restinga, El Hierro
La Restinga, El Hierro

The island

Tauchen auf El Hierro

El Hierro has become one of the few destinations where diving and fishing activities co-exist peacefully. The marine park along the coast is divided into several zones and is used for diving (1 ship = maximum of 12 divers per buoy!). For those who want to fish, there are specially marked areas for fishing, as well as closed areas where the fish are bred. Things are all very systematic and clearly marked!

Here, on the island of El Hierro, life is very carefree and unhurried. On some days, you might swear that time had slowed down. There are no big tourist crowds or hotel resorts, all you see are beautifully decorated and well-maintained quaint apartments. There are also some good restaurants offering the best of Spanish and North African cuisine!

For hikers, the great hiking trails that criss-cross the island are a big draw. They tend to go up high, with the highest point about 1.2 kilometres above the water.

To visit El Hierro, travel to Tenerife or Gran Canaria, then take the local airline carrier ‘Binter Canarias’ or the ferry to El Hierro. Some research may be needed to work out the best route, and the team at Extra Divers would be happy to help you with direct bookings to make the most optimal connections.

So, the next time you visit the Canary Islands, be sure to drop in at the gem that is El Hierro.

Economy package for 2 (if booked directly at the dive centre)
- Transfer to / from airport
- Accommodation in an apartment for two guests
- 2 x 10 dives
For an all-inclusive price of €899!
For more info, contact: elhierro@extradivers.org

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