Divers Find $4.5 Million Gold Off Coast Of Florida

20.08.2015 21:06
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Salvage Company Found Gold Coins Worth $4.5 Million

Gold Coins - © 1715treasurefleet.com
Million dollar pot of gold: about 350 Spanish gold coins

On 30 July 2015, after five days of salvage, three divers working for a salvage company found some 350 gold coins worth S$4.5 million near Vero Beach off the Florida coast.

Among the stash were nine extremely rare coins, known as royal eight escudos or 'Royals'. These had been specially transported to the King of Spain when the vessel sank. Previously, only 20 similar coins had been known to exist worldwide, according to Brent Brisben, whose company 1715 Fleet-Queens Jewels owns the rights to the wreck.

The coins were on board a Spanish ship that sank on 30 or 31 July 1715 on a journey from Havana to Spain off the Florida coast during a hurricane – exactly three centuries ago.

Actually, the divers had not stumbled upon the treasure by accident. They had been examining the seabed at a spot where another similar find was discovered.

Royal rarities: Spanish Royals - © 1715treasurefleet.com
Royal rarities: ultra rare Spanish "Royals"

By 1537, Spain had initiated a law to protect merchant vessels against pirates and raids, by using a formal convoy system for routes crossing the Atlantic towards Europe. The convoys, whose route ran from Cuba along the Florida coast, were led and protected by an armed flagship. In addition, a vice-flagship escorted the tail-end of the convoy. 

Incidentally, the treasure hunters were not allowed to keep all the treasure – 20 percent of the total value would be allocated for the US State of Florida.

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