Coral Reforestation Project In The Maldives

24.08.2015 06:57
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Resort In Maldives Gives Damaged Corals A New Home

Underwater frame serves as the foundation for new reefs - © The Residence Maldives
Underwater frame serves as the foundation for new reefs.

Coral reefs are among the oldest ecosystems in the world. Similar to tropical rainforests, they are the most biologically diverse habitats on Earth. As a result of the El Niño phenomenon in 1998, these sensitive ecosystems had been badly affected, particularly those in the Maldives.

Although the reefs around The Residence Maldives on Falhumaafushi (one of the islands of Gaafu Alif Atoll) had well survived, there is still much to do to conserve them.  

Thus, the resort has implemented a reforestation project in which broken coral are collected and allowed to rehabilitate and grow. After a certain time, they are attached to a frame using cable ties, along with many other similar coral. The frame is then anchored to the seabed to serve as artificial reefs. Once this manmade reef starts to secrete calcium carbonate and a coral reef forms, the cable ties are removed.

The Residence Maldives - © The Residence Maldives
This project, called Coral Frame, is run by the local dive centre. Resort guests can participate by fixing the coral to the frame, at the resort's jetty. If they are certified divers, they can also help in collecting the corals or with installing the frame.

So far, two frames have been attached with coral, with five more in the works. All the frames would be erected around the island's dive centre.

Besides attaching the coral fragments, guests at The Residence Maldives can also to take part in one of the following: Dolphin Cruise, Snorkel Excursion or Sunset Dolphin Cruise. This package costs US$150. No refunds would be given if the package is not fully utilised.