Arctic Day of Action: An Exhibition By Greenpeace

07.08.2015 08:57
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Beluga II in Stralsund

Beluga II - © Bente Stachowske, Greenpeace
The Greenpeace ship Beluga II, which will arrive
in port for the exhibition in Stralsund.

A small exhibition about the Arctic will be held from 10th to 14th August 2015 on board the Greenpeace ship Beluga II, which will be docked at the port of Stralsund. This is part of the Arctic Day of Action campaign in Ozeaneum.

There will be hands-on activities and an exciting film that depicts the environmental challenges faced by the Arctic today. Greenpeace officials and the Arctic mascot Paula the polar bear will be present at the event.

Today, protecting the Arctic is more important than ever. Despite enormous risks to the unique and delicate Arctic ecosystem, Shell Oil has repeated tried to drill for oil along the coast of Alaska (see also news article July, 30th). The series of breakdowns in their ships has demonstrated a large potential for a major environmental disaster for this vast natural habitat. The international campaign by Greenpeace to protect the Arctic can be found at

The Begula II is expected in the port of Stralsund at 11am on August 10th and will sail off on August 14th at 4pm. The opening times of the exhibition are as follows:
10 August 2015:  2pm to 6pm
11–13 August 2015:  10am to 5pm
14 August 2015:  10am to 3pm

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