Abbot Point: Coal Mine 1, Great Barrier Reef 0

23.12.2015 10:15
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Australian government approves construction of coal port

Abbot Point - © Screenshot youTube Video
Abbot Point Wetlands:
Why risk this beautiful place for coal?

On December 22nd, Australia's Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt has issued for approval a plan to dredge the Great Barrier Reef to expand the Abbot Point coal terminal. The expansion is to facilitate the construction of a coal mine by Indian company Adani, which intends to build it into one of the largest coal mines in Queensland.

"This approval to dredge is not only irresponsible for the reef, it's illogical and it's unnecessary. It's illogical to expand the port to make capacity for the proposed Carmichael mine, because it is a dead-end prospect. Adani hasn't got the $16 billion, no one's lending it to them, and coal prices are tanking. Even the International Energy Agency is questioning the project,” said Australian Greenpeace activist Shani Tager.

The area in question is currently home to dolphins and dugongs which feed on the seagrass in the area. It serves as a habitat for endangered marine animals like turtles and manta rays. Humpback whales also pass the area when making their migratory journeys.

It is reckless and pointless to gouge away at a pristine habitat and endanger the Great Barrier Reef to build a port for a coal mine that nobody needs,” said Tager.

In the last 30 years, the Great Barrier Reef has lost 50 percent of its coral cover, due to climate change.

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