Dreischor Pumpstation Grevelinger Meer

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Safest of 2 locations at Zuid-Langeweg. Salt wate ...

Safest of 2 locations at Zuid-Langeweg. Salt water lake with no tidal influence. Protected from S. winds. Jetty takes you over excellent snorkling area to entry. Snorkling area stretches app. 30m wide, 2m deep, for 100+ m along the shore. Good area for beginners and non-scuba party members.
Descend along slope from jetty at 3m to bottom at 8m. Artificial "Frans Kok" reef balls teeming with life: lobster, crab, anemones. Bottom slowly descending from 8m to 20+ but not very interesting there.
Parking lot with Dixie toilet during season.
Second location is 100m down the road at pumping station.