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CONSTANCE HALAVELI - TGI Diving, managed by Alexi ...

CONSTANCE HALAVELI - TGI Diving, managed by Alexis Vincent
(Report of stay beginning February 2010)

This was for us the 5th time, diving in the ´bathtube´ of the Maldives.
Four times we have been to Rangali, certainly a resort not everyone could afford. This time we decided to ´go after´ Alexis, who managed the Sub Aqua base at Rangali and who has switched to his own business at HALAVELI.

The island is much smaller than Conrad Rangali but we liked it more. Great service, superb water villas and a splendid selection of great food. Besides this the weather was fantastic (even if the forcast promised only rain

Diving at the various spots was much better than Rangali. Sharks, sharks, sharks!!!
Mantas as well as tunas, baracudas, ....
Also small fish showed up

The service at the base was perfect (as we have expected from Rangali). The manager formed a great team and spirit and his guides did a perfect job under a over water. We would like to mention a very special guy who is perfect in showing his friends (the sharks). He is really doing magic with his water bottle under water.

The boats are in good condition and the teams on the boats are great as well. The school facility is brand new (as the island as well) and in best condition.

Im summary:
If you want to do everything on your own (handling and carying equipment) and need to have some rusty enviroment - this should NOT be your choice!
If you like diving, fishes, warm water, and GREAT SERVICE this is probably the best diving you can get and you might feel in paradise. Superb dive base and great island - we will come back.
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