Go Cavern Diving, Puerto Aventuras

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Markus217281PADI OWD60 TGs

We went to Mexico but our diving plans had not ma ...

We went to Mexico but our diving plans had not matured (reef or Cenotes? How, when, how deep?) until a few days before we actually arrived in Cancun, so we were really glad that Hans-Peter (HP) could accommodate us on short notice. We´re only PADI OWDs with ca. 60 dives in warm, unproblematic conditions so looking at a Cenote (ceiling! darkness!) was somewhat scary. This is where HP easily diffused all our concerns by giving us some of the best guided dives we ever had. He chose the right Cenotes (Casa Cenote and Gran Cenote) that had plenty of light and he provided detailed information on the dive sites and how the dives will be performed. Since it was on the way, he took us to the filling station (think trimix in the jungle) to pick up the tanks, a nice tidbit of information on your equipment you don´t always get when diving abroad. We rented all our equipment from HP and it was in excellent condition. After we had assembled our gear, HP took an extra look at it, which I found very reassuring. Under water, HP stuck to his promise on checking up on us every 5-10 seconds or so (just a look, no unnecessary OK-ing) so the Cenote-newbies felt safe. If we didn´t want to poke our heads into a somewhat darker corner, HP led us around it. He had made it clear to us that this was our dive and he did everything to make this a great experience. And it was.