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Melanie218804AOWD22 TGs

Top, highly recommended!

Stayed at Flamenco Hotel and the "Diving.De" Center was unpolite and
not helpful so i jumped over to Silver Beach Dive Center "Deep Ocean
Blue" and felt very welcomed from the first second i arrived, even i
had under 20 dives at this time, which seemed to be a problem at "" but
not here at all.
Uncomplicated organization via Watsapp like pre showing my
certification and passport details, fin size, equipment needed for
rent etc.
First two shore dives with Nader at nearby located reef (around 5
minutes car drive) - never felt so save on a dive before. We had fun
on that dives. Sat down at the center after diving for about 1 hour
just to chat. So diving with friends is not even a slogan.
Next two dives i booked for their dayboat "Venicia" which is clean,
good equipment and offers a lot different places and space to prepare,
chill etc.
Not forget about the food which was kind of very delicous! Pick up for
the boat trip was in the morning at Hotel Reception where i met other
staff. Everyone, really everyone was so friendly and helpful and open
for any kind of conversation. The transfer to the boat was well
organized with picking up other divers from other Hotels. To whom ever
i talked to, everyone was satisfied with Organisation of Deep Ocean
On the boat dives i dived with two guys from Germany as well. They had
arround 50 to 60 logged dives. it was not a problem at all i had less
logged dives. Dive Guide Shazly made me feel very save and he cared
about everything. safety, fun, noticed even the smallest or best
hidden fish, made it possible to take pics or videos of them. he also
took care of our divetime (in the end him and i shared air to dive for
longer than my beginner air consumption allowed me to, so also the
other two were able to have a longer dive though)
Special thanks to:
Nader - diving with you was the best entrance i could ever imagine for
diving at red sea the first time.
Shazly - you totally made my day in and out water, your carrying
charakter and your high professional knowledge you showed, offered me
so much fun on that day and let me felt like beeing even more advanced
as i really am. Because of you i decided to come back for diving at
red sea as soon as ever possible, hoping to find the sharks, dolfins
and manatees you promised me to be out there
Kevin - you helped me out with even the littlest things on the boat.
You're were making fun when ever possible and you showed your good
will and knowledge when it was necessary. After dive on transer...
your air guitar was legendary to me
Thanks to Sabina for your easy and layed back organisation and thanks
to everyone else of the whole staff. You're all amazing and i felt
like finding a second family.
See you all soon again,
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