Constance Ephelia Resort Dive Center, Port Launay, Mahé

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We have spend 8 days in April at Hotel Constance ...

We have spend 8 days in April at Hotel Constance Ephelia as a Family diving vacation - and we have been totally happy and can 100% recommend both the Hotel as well as the Diving Center!

Our decision criteria to select this place on the Seychelles were: Shallow dives with our 12y old Junior OWD son, safe and no current. Combined with convenience and a nice Relaxing Hotel. All criteria were full met!

The Diving Center is just around the corner of the Hotel, operates as a independant firm, but charges can be billed via the Hotel room. It is a small Center, typically hosting 5-10 divers, fully equipped, very well organized, clean facilities incl. changing room and shower. Private Equipment can be stored in a locked room, no individual boxes, but all ok since it is not very busy.

Lilian manages the Dive Center with great experience and professionalism. Safety first. Discipline required by her Clients. Always good briefings. We had spent 9 dives each with her and had not a single concern. Her Team Alain and Vira are also dive masters and very forthcoming.

Dives are always boat trips, starting at 9am and 11am right at the beach shore. Woman and Kids enjoy the Service of all Equipment being carried on the boat for them, while men do it themselves (30m walk, easy). Boat rides to the spots take 5-20mins. We also had a twin tank dive one day with a 45min ride and Surface time between the dives spend on the boat. Maximum capacity on the boat is 10 divers, split into two Groups with a dive guide each. Most days, we were just 4-6 divers on the boat. After each dive, towels and water bottles are provided.

The dive spots were really exceeding our expectations. Schools of fish everywhere, free Swimming Octopus, turtles, Groups of eagle ray, reef sharks, morays, Stone fish etc. Depending on the sites either beautiful granite rock and hard coral formations or soft coral gardens. Except one day, we were always the only Group at a dive spot.

Yes, the cost are above average, but in combination with the excellent Hotel, it was a good Price value for us. We would always come back and recommend the place especially for easy Family diving with Young Kids.

Boat rides start right at the beach

Dive Center is right next to Seselwa Restaurant