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To whom it may concern, ... i can fully recommend ...

To whom it may concern, ... i can fully recommend Bali Scuba.

After having my fresh OWD license, i am still beginner. My friend Martin without license, so he had to do the course i could join him during the Ocean dives.
1. day: diving in the pool
My friend received a very good training. Bali Scuba provided very experienced diving teacher. The diving school is well equipped. You can either rent or buy equipment; both for reasonable prices.
2. day: Ocean dive in Sanur
Good for beginners, not much to see
3. day: Padang Bei (unbelievable beautiful)
First Turtle´s Neck, then Blue Lagoon
ca. 2h of driving
4. day: Tulamben (very impressive)
ca. 3h of driving
I was the least experienced diver using up my air like a hoover. So the instructor had to give a special eye on me.
5. day: Simon (who runs diving school) organized individual snorkeling trip for me, Martin and our wifes. This trip was also amazing.

All the staff was very friendly, very professional.
The week with Bali Scuba gave us an incredible, beautiful experience.
Previous post already points out how beautiful Bali is and how nice the people there are.
So i can add the point that Bali Scuba is also suitable for beginners and first-time-divers.

For anyone looking for an affordable relaxing diving holiday, i can only strongly recommend to go to Bali Scuba.
Thanks to all my buddies, especially to Martyn for sharing air.

For bookings, contact Simon directly:
Simon Gilbert (PADI Instructor 617694),
Du kannst deinen Urlaub direkt bei dieser Tauchbasis buchen