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Taucher322151PADI AOWD95 TGs

Great trip

Overall - the whole trip was really well organised - transfers, briefings, accommodation, food, diving, all according to plan, trekking in Rinca, island visits
Boat - safe, very well maintained, clean, spacious and comfortable.
Food - freshly prepared, very tasty and diversified, mix of Indonesian and international food
Diving - experienced and professional dive guides, knowing the dive spots very well, very good and detailed briefings, good split of divers into groups based on experience.
Dive spots - truly amazing - beautiful and colorful reefs, a great amount fish and other underwater creatures (mantas, sharks, dolphins, turtles, nudibranch, and many more). Quite strong currents in some, but we were well briefed in advance
Rental equipment - quite new, well maintained
Staff - very friendly and helpful, made our stay as relaxing as possible

Thank you for this relaxing trip and beautiful dives!
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