Buddy-Watcher: Wireless Charging

20.02.2018 15:24
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The Free-Linked GmbH is on its way to the future and now offers its Buddy-Watcher with a wireless charging function. Existing customers will also benefit from this!

Free-Linked GmbH, manufacturer of the dive signal transmitter Buddy-Watcher, has been offering its products with a new wireless charging function since January 20th - existing customers can exchange their used devices for new devices with the induction charging function for a small surcharge. The German company not only wants to increase user-friendliness, but also to keep up with the times.

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Free-Linked GmbH has been offering wireless charging for its devices since January 20th and has therefore launched an "old for new campaign".

When charging a diving device with contacts, it is annoying that, the charging contacts are covered by salt water after a sea dive, which then dries out to form a salt crust. This sea salt layer does not conduct electricity and so the connection between the contacts and the charging clip cannot be established.
The crusting of the charging contacts is a known problem of rechargeable diving equipment, with which many companies have to struggle. Previously, the company recommended that the charging contacts should be thoroughly cleaned with fresh water after each dive - far too much cleaning effort for the diving signal transmitters. For this reason, the manufacturer of the Buddy-Watchers has recently been looking for alternatives for high-maintenance charging with a charging clip and has finally decided on a wireless charging function. Here, the device is charged by an induction charging station. This eliminates the need for open charging contacts and the need for meticulous cleaning of the contacts after each dive. This makes the German company one of the first manufacturers of diving accessories which relies on wireless charging.

The Free-Linked GmbH expects from the inductive charging that customers will now have as little effort as possible when using and maintaining the Buddy-Watchers and that the fun of diving with the Buddy-Watcher will increase.

Old for New Exchange Campaign

Since January 20th, it is possible to order the Buddy-Watcher with the wireless charging function, but the option to charge it with a charger clip is still available. In addition, existing customers can currently take part in an "old for new campaign" and have their old Buddy-Watcher replaced for a small surcharge by a wirelessly chargeable new device. The Free-Linked GmbH wants to pay special attention to its existing customers and give them the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of inductive charging without having to buy another device. New, induction-charged Buddy-Watchers can be charged with all common wireless charging stations.

Customers with a non-inducible Buddy-Watcher can participate at the "Old for New Exchange Campaign" at the company's online shop at shop.buddy-watcher.de or by link in the current newsletter.

About the company

Free-Linked GmbH, headquartered in Pforzheim, Germany, is a company specializing in silent underwater communication. With their product "Buddy-Watcher" they have successfully launched a vibration-based diving signal transmitter that works without noise nuisance to other divers or the animal world.

The company was founded in 2012 by the two managing directors Michael Feicht and Eduard Sabelfeld. Free-Linked GmbH currently employs four permanent employees and is happy to give interns a chance to take on a responsible task.