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South West Breaker war Drehort des Films „The Dee ...

South West Breaker war Drehort des Films „The Deep“. Die hier vorherrschende Vielfalt an Meeresflora und -fauna findet man sonst eigentlich nur in großen Aquarien vor, sodass Sie von diesem Tauchgang auch noch Jahre danach schwärmen werden. Die Route führt Sie auf die andere Seite des Riffs und ist das Zuhause des „Glassy Eye Sweepers“, des großen Schnappers und des riesigen Zackenbarsches. Zu einer bestimmten Zeit im Jahr tummeln sich so viele Barrakudas in dem Gewässer, dass sie keine Sonnenstrahlen mehr durchlassen.

Divemaster notes

PhotoThe foaming water about a half mile off Pompano Cut, makes South West Breaker easy to find. Except for high tide during totally calm sea conditions, South West Breaker is always visible from a gong distance. With an average depth of only 28ft and typical visibility in excess of 100ft. South West Breaker provides an excellent shallow dive for the experienced diver and novice alike. The shallow depth and the variety of fish life make it a great place for snorkelers also.

The site is actually three breakers. Two are blind (not quite breaking the surface). The main breaker is a huge monolith, reaching from 30 feet to above surface level. Vertical sides and overhangs provide ideal shelter for an amazingly diverse selection of fish. Snapper, Grunts and Hog Fish are found in schools all around the breaker.

A massive tunnel through the centre of the breaker provides ample cover for Green Moray Eels and Spiny Lobsters. Glass-eyed Sweepers hide in the tunnel. During the summer months the tunnel is filled with millions of Silverside. Often giant Groupers are found at one of the many cleaning stations set up within the tunnel by Creole Wrasse and Gobies.

Schools of Barracuda often are seen close to the breaker. Their habit of following divers is always guaranteed to get the pulse racing.

South West Breaker is home to gigantic Sea fans and is an excellent place to find Cowries and Trumpet Tritons. Spend some time in the pink sandy areas and find Leopard Flat Worms and Purple Crested Sea Goddess´s. Keep your eyes open for passing Eagle Rays and Turtles heading towards the feeding grounds at nearby Pompano Sand Flats.
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