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Private Beach-but open for everyone-one of the fa ...

Private Beach-but open for everyone-one of the favorite place for the western ExPats at Jeddah.
Entrance fee: 70 Saudi Rialduring the week, 100 SR weekends.
Clean,small restaurant with very delicious food.
It is a full developed beach resort with umbrellas, sand, beack volley ball field, etc.
Diveshopon the beach for tanks-one tank 25 Saudi Rial.
You may also buy or rent all necessary equipment at the shop.
Rental equipment is in good shape.

Diving is form a pier, that goes about 70 meters from the beach into the water.
There you may gear up under a roof for shadow.

Riff with a lot of corals and wildlife. Down at a deepth of 25-40 feet there is a plateau with sand and some coral.
If you tourn to the left, the plateau tourns to a nice wall.
From 40 feet down to 100 feet there is a great coral wall.
You see all sort of corals and tons (!!!!) of local wildlife.
Below 100 feet you see sand but a few big concrete blocks where rays are hidden.

Sometimes the current changes very fast - we had it already a few times while the dive. Be prepared!
Posibility for nightdiving all night long with lights on the pier.