Tropic Venture, Sao Tomé (Inaktiv)

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In Sao Tome I decided to try my luck once more with diving. Near Omali Lodge I found Tropic Venture which had a two tank afternoon dive scheduled. We went to Lagoa Azul. Strong current hit us as soon as we dropped in the water. Above sandy ground in 15 m we had to grab kick our way to the reef. Greenish stuff maybe algae floated onto our masks. But a reef was there and a beautiful one. Good fish life all around us, lovely coral growth, lots of sea urchins, but a place you could honestly call reef not boulder rock. It was a bit of wild dive, rushing down to 39 m, running into 3 m deco, but it was worth it. Vis was not that good, but we found plenty of nice things. The guide pointed out an electrifying ray only 3 cm big, he found a slug (?) which spat bluish ink when he played around with it, several times he showed me sea horses (8 cm) a divers delight. A short surface break brought us closer to shore where we watched some predator birds trying to catch fish.
Gigantic Baobab trees stood along the shore, trees I truly love. Second dive again took us down to 29 m, good coral around, even some Gorgonia and soft coral. Getting into the Zodiac at the dive center was like riding on a rodeo horse. Bringing all your gear safely back to shore after the dives was a bit risky, but the guides helped.
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