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Tieti Diving is rather well prepared for the dive ...

Tieti Diving is rather well prepared for the diver but for the usual high prices. At least they have a fairly good infrastructure with equipment room as well as changing/bathroom facilities.

The rigid-inflatable is offering space for about 10 people (which I reckon is then overcrowded) with absolutely no other infrastructure (i.e. toilet or dry possibility). That means you drive approx. 1 hour until you reach the reef, have the dive and then wait on board for the second dive. That means you stay approx. 41/2 or more hours on that small boat until you’re back on land…

The water temperature was around 25°C (November 2012)

If you’re used to dive in equatorial areas (Indonesia, Solomon etc.) the dive sites in N.C. are beautiful (and the reefs are in good shape, despite the French way of diving...) but nothing really special, besides the cold water temperature!