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Open Water Diver course at lake Bled, Slovenia

I've just completed PADI OWD course under Matjaž Repnik's supervision at lake Bled, Slovenia. Matjaž was very professional and patient when explaining and teaching us how to behave in water and how to perform excercises. There were three of us students and he took time to make us all acquire OWD diving skills. His goal was not to just give us a certificate, but to really teach us how to dive and make us feel safe and comfortable doing it. Therefore, we repeated the exercises until we understood and mastered them. I was surprised many huge freshwater fish visited us while learning underwater, which made the course even more interesting. Matjaž is a great diving instructor, both professional and FUN , and he made the course a fantastic experience in all aspects. Thanks! If you want to become a diver or to perfect your diving knowledge at specialty courses, Matjaž is a great guy to get you there!
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