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Excellent support, care & service

The first time I got to najada diving was in 2013. It was my first centre I went for holiday with and I was going to get my deep diver Brevets.

The first thing I recognised was the passion by the founder and employers from najada !

The check in was easy and quick.
You get your box and cupboard to set your equipment.
Your name will be set on a list for drinks so you're able to handle drinks (deco beer, soft drinks - even cocktails) cash free till your checking out.

The centre possess some great speed boats- we met at 9am - after changing and preparation we got on the boat and left for awesome dive spots.
Spots around the kurnati np as well.

Usually we got back at 3pm.
That way we had enough time to do the debriefing and even those who's partner were no divers had enough time to spend the rest of the day

I definatelly like to recommend najada diving because it surrounds all the quality characters I attach importance to: quality combined with passion and fun!!

So go for it! Don't hesitate to contact them- they will get back to you within 24 hours!

Have fun!
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