Lagoon Safari Diving, Lifou Island

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There is only 1 dive shop left on the island and ...

There is only 1 dive shop left on the island and this one is called Safari Diving and apparently it´s a PADI resort!!

I don’t know how they got the resort status, especially as it is only a camping ground with one toilet and one shower facility.

The “dive shop” is located in front of a freight container (where the compressor is located), there is one small table for filling out the liability disclosure forms and the changing facility is just in front of the container on the dirty ground!
They have a rigid-inflatable for approx. 14-16 persons, but no toilet or any ameneties on board. You have to take care about your own drinking water... and usual you are for about 4-5 hours on board!

Nevertheless the Australian or New Zealand owner, Annabella, is asking the same prices as the others (€ 110.--/2 dives) who offer a much better infrastructure.

Another setback is that they are not collecting the divers from their resorts which means that they have to take care about transportation to and from the dive shop! (Basically it leaves only to that, that you need a rent car for reaching the dive shop)

As everything else in new Caledonia, book well ahead (I mean the dives) in order not to be disappointed.