Conch Club Divers - Little Cayman

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Great base in Little Cayman!Conch Club Divers (ww ...

Great base in Little Cayman!

Conch Club Divers ( is the in-house dive operation of Conch Club Condominiums and offers diving services to Conch Club guests, as well as divers from other resorts on Little Cayman (eg. Paradise Villas:

Conch Club Divers sets high standards on Little Cayman for first class facilities, diver-friendly services and safety standards. With their 42´ Newton Dive Boat, Sea-Esta, they offer customized dive excursions to sites having the best wall diving and best marine life in the Caribbean. Highlight on Little Cayman is the Bloody Bay Wall, which is considered one of the world´s most spectacular dive destinations. This unique geological formation features a sheer drop-off that plunges thousands of feet. They state to not have more than 15 divers on the boat, but I experienced much less (5-8 divers).

Very nice and friendly staff, no hush and preassure. Good and solid briefings.